Pacquiao Marquez 4 – Time To Settle It Once And For All

Well a lot of people may not have wanted to see it, but its happening on December 8th. Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez square off for a fourth time to surely settle their differences in what will be Pacquiao Marquez 4! Its arguable that Marquez could have in fact won all three of their previous encounters. Personally I would say the draw fight in 2004 was a fair result, Pacquiao won in 2008 and I feel Marquez won the last fight they had last year in 2011.

I think Pacquiao Marquez 4 is where we will finally see it not going to the judges. I think Pacquiao probably feels if it goes the distance he wont get the decision considering the amount of fortune he has previously received from the judges against Marquez. From what I hear in sparring Manny is looking like the Pacquiao of old, taking no breaks in between rounds and fighting up to eight rounds on the go against good sparring which is frightening!

The question though, has always been how does Manny deal with that clever, counter punching style that Marquez has? So far he has been unable to find an effective answer but I think on this occasion father time will have finally caught up with the Mexican boxing hero.  Timing is everything in boxing and Marquez now is 39, with Manny 33. I think Manny will have a fire lit underneath him coming off that injustice that was the decision given against him in his last fight against Tim Bradley.

Maybe the first few rounds will look something like the last few fights in terms of Marquez making things tricky for Manny, but as the rounds go on look for Pacquiao to get stronger and stronger wearing Marquez down with brute force. This is going to be a throwback performance from Manny I feel as he has everything to prove coming off defeat and perhaps fighting for his last chance at a potential Mayweather showdown next year. My prediction – Manny Pacquiao stoppage between rounds 9-12. While the fight lasts it will promise fireworks, always does whenever these two meet!

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