Thurman Guerrero Result: Keith Wins UD In Pulsating Bout

Thurman Guerrero Result: Keith Wins UD In Pulsating Bout

By Niall Doran

Last night in Vegas – what a way to mark boxing being back on prime time television in America! Keith Thurman and Robert Guerrero did themselves both very proud indeed, in what was a fight that had a little bit of everything for boxing fans.

Right from the get go, the fight started out with excitement as Keith Thurman came out swinging – marking his knockout intent. Guerrero for a change used his ring craft and experience early on, keeping out of range and covering up well at times in the first and second round.

In the third there seem to be an apparent clash of heads, with Thurman visibly coming out worst off with a nasty swell on his left eye. Despite this he pushed on, undeterred and stuck to an excellent game plan as the fight progressed, of using side to side motion and good footwork, while landing some very telling (accurate) blows on Guerrero.

As the second half of the fight unfolded Thurman began to really put his stamp on the contest and in the ninth round he dropped ‘The Ghost’ with an excellent, inverted right uppercut. Guerrero took the eight count and did well to survive the round.

The tenth was arguably the best round of the fight and showed just how much of a warrior Guerrero really is. Despite been badly hurt in the ninth and dropped, he came out fighting harder than ever in the tenth and at times the two men were trading with one another and standing toe to toe in the middle of the ring, in an exhilarating round of action.

Down the stretch Thurman showed his patience and stayed out of trouble sticking to his boxing for the most part, until the closing stages of the final round when the two men once again went ahead and engaged in a brawl. What a fight.

Although the scorecards ran out heavily in favour of Thurman in a unanimous decision (120-107, 118-109, 118-108) which saw him hold onto his WBA welterweight belt, Guerrero certainly won a lot of fans last night, in a fight that spectacularly announced boxing back on prime time network TV in the USA.

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