Quigg Definitely Wants Frampton, Not About The Money

Quigg Definitely Wants Frampton, Not About The Money

Quigg Definitely Wants Frampton
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It can’t be said by anyone that Scott Quigg doesn’t want the Carl Frampton fight anymore.


I watched a few very candid interviews involving promoter Eddie Hearn and WBA super bantmanweight champion Scott Quigg yesterday that made me reconsider a few things. I always thought Quigg wanted the fight with Frampton and vice versa, but after yesterday it became perfectly clear just how badly the Englishman wants it.

His promoter Eddie Hearn made things crystal clear when he made a public offer of €1.5 million pounds guaranteed to Carl Frampton to fight Scott Quigg in the summer.

The offer involved Hearn and Quigg taking all risk and it was based on their projections that the fight would be a fast sell out and do a lot of pay per view buys on Sky Box Office.

It is seldom you’d see such brutally honest business dealings like this in boxing and if I’m being honest, the transparency was a rather refreshing thing to see.

There’s no doubt that Carl Frampton and Cyclone Promotions want this fight too, it just needs the two parties representing both fighters to be sensible and hammer this thing home.

In Hearn’s potential deal that was outlined yesterday, if the fight were not to do well on pay per view Quigg could end up walking away with “£300,000 or £400,000” with Frampton no matter what, still guaranteed a cool £1.5 million.

The thing that impressed me about Quigg yesterday was when he was questioned on how he felt about this and the chance he stood to make considerably less than Frampton.

He mentioned how he gets up in the morning not for money, but for the love of the sport. This coupled with a separate Hearn interview where the Matchroom boss mentioned that Quigg asks him basically every day to make the Frampton fight, really shows you how much the guys wants the fight.

Not to mind Hearn’s consistent openness throughout the day when he said jokingly but also honestly at one point “I’m desperate to make the Scott Quigg Carl Frampton fight! One because I’m a fan and two because I want to make money”.

They’ve certainly put their money where their mouths are and one would think their offer is almost too good to turn down.

Quigg definitely wants Framtpon, that is beyond reasonable doubt now, no matter what anyone says. Lets hope these two camps can get this fight signed and give the fans what they want in what would surely be a mega event.

Here’s yesterday press conference in London, that made for some very interesting viewing from the folks at IFL TV:

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