Pacquiao Training Like Rocky

Pacquiao Training Like Rocky

pacquiao training like rocky
Picture: Elie Seckbach YouTube

Mayweather’s been chopping wood recently and Pacquiao’s been jogging through the streets with people, remind you of something?


I’m not sure is it just a coincidence, but its something that struck me this morning having seen a lot of the Floyd vs Manny training footage been put out in recent weeks.

Maybe its for the cameras as they realize this fight is going to transcend boxing in the way that the Sylvester Stallone “Rocky” movies did.

Its a nice add on feature to the whole Mayweather vs Pacquiao story if you ask me and probably one we might see more of in the coming weeks, when the prefight documentaries are released on the two guys.

It almost is symbolic for the grand scale of what this event will really represent. Literally hundreds of millions around the world will be watching on May 2nd, many of whom may not have even watched the sport in the past.

Even where I’m from in Ireland, when I’ve spoken to people in past weeks who don’t particularly have an interest in boxing or sport at all for that matter, when you mention “Mayweather Pacquiao” they know you are talking about a big boxing fight.

Both guys look an excellent shape with just a few weeks to go until the world stops for their mega match. Pacquiao was seen completing a sick 1300 crunches yesterday in fast time and “Money” has been looking in beast mode for weeks now in the Mayweather Boxing Club.

I’ve always liked how Pacquiao seems to give access to everyone and anyone in his training camps but he’s gone a step further for this fight, with letting members of the public and media embark on his runs with him – accompanied by his faithful Jack Russell terrier dog too of course!

Below is a rather hilarious clip from Elie Seckbach from one of yesterday’s sessions where “Pacman” can be seen motivating when of the larger members of his jogging entourage. The Rocky song “Gonna Fly Now” springs to mind!

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