Garcia vs Peterson Weigh-In and Face Off

Garcia vs Peterson Weigh-In and Face Off

garcia vs peterson 2

A beard needed to be shaved, but weights were made


This fight isn’t for a title as its contracted at a catch weight limit of 143 lbs, so no official belt will be on the line in tonight’s headlining act on prime time TV in the States.

However, that takes nothing away from the fight in my opinion. It is a quality fight between two big boxing names who’ll be both hungry for the win. It sells itself on it’s own merit.

Peterson initially came in slightly over the contracted 143 lbs limit at 143.2 lbs, but after shaving off a rather large beard, he came back to make the weight at a second attempt.

Garcia tipped the scales at a ready 142.2 lbs.

Both guys exchanged some brief verbals at the face off and there seems to be a slight edge between the two in this one, which always adds an additional exciting ingredient! Here’s some moments of the weight in caught by the folks at TstreeT Controversy LIVE:

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