What next for Andy Lee after Quillin draw?

What next for Andy Lee after Quillin draw?

What next for Andy Lee after Quillin draw

After one of the most entertaining fights of the year thus far, options are still plentiful for the Irish world champion


It was a fight that lived up to all the hype, with knockdowns, power punches and buckets of heart all on display by both combatants.

The result of a draw in the end, was a fairly fair one in what was a razor close fight I felt. I had it Quillin by one point but in a fight that close, it really could have went either way. Both men seemed content afterwards and embraced with mutual respect.

It could have been said that one of Quillin’s knock downs on Lee should not have been ruled a knock down however, as footage later showed Lee’s feet getting tangled with his American counterparts’ feet. Alas, what ifs will continue for many weeks after this.

Attention will now turn to what’s next for the still WBO middleweight champion Andy Lee. Talks of a rematch came out straight after the fight, which would likely sell very well given the excitement that last night produced.

This will have to wait I would think though, as Andy will have to first face his mandatory contender Billy Joe Saunders in what will be a huge domestic showdown in the UK and Ireland.

Last night’s performance would have added hugely to Andy’s stock in world boxing and have made the Saunders fight even bigger. Lee really had to dig deep last night after a dominant Quillin start and the Irish man’s heart put on display in the second half of the fight, will have won the hearts of many onlookers.

I could see Andy potentially face Saunders in a huge summer clash in an outdoor stadium in Ireland or the UK. He did suffer a cut over his left eye which will need time to heal, but one would think he should be good to go by the end of the summer for a potential Saunders clash.

His Irish faithful will be hoping for a home defense in his native Emerald Isle.

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