VIDEO: Kell Brook Haunted By ‘Psycho’ Machete Attack

Kell Brook Haunted By ‘Psycho’ Machete Attack

Kell Brook haunted by ‘psycho’ machete attack

“Special K” talks about his traumatic, life threatening experience in Spain last year.


He’s since come back from what was a crazy situation, when little after a week from realizing his life long dream and becoming the world champion, it was all almost snatched away from him in an instant.

Kell Brook suffered a horrific, unprovoked attack at the hands of what he called a “psycho” last year in Tenerife, while holidaying with his family after he won the world title.

The wounds were so graphic and extreme that many doubted at the time he’d ever appear back in a ring again. He lost an almost fatal amount of blood but in true boxer form, battled back from the brink of death to regain his health.

He not only appeared back in the ring again this year, but looked very impressive and almost as good as he ever has.

Tomorrow he talks about this horror story when he appears on the Clare Balding Show on BT Sport 1 at 10pm, which will then be shown again in a cut down version on BBC 2 this Friday at 10pm.

The folks from the Clare Balding Show sent us in a clip of the interview below, it looks like a very candid and insightful chat. Enjoy.

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