Who has aged better Mayweather or Pacquiao?

Who has aged better Mayweather or Pacquiao?

who has aged better mayweather or pacquiao

May 2nd’s larger than life showdown could come down to a variety of factors, age might just be one of them.


With just over two and a half weeks to go until the biggest fight of the modern era, promotion, debate and speculation surrounding this titan of an event is really coming into full swing.

The internet, TV and virtually every other media outlet where people can converse on sport, has been rampant with different opinions on what is is going to take for either guy to get the win on May 2nd.

‘Styles make fights’ is a term I believe to have a lot of truth in it but sometimes in boxing, just sometimes, a fighter can ‘get old over night’, as they say in the trade.

You never quite know when this could exactly happen for a fighter, as there’s so many variables that can make this become a reality in the tail end of a prize fighter’s career.

Mayweather and Pacquiao are no spring chickens at 38 and 36 respectively. I don’t think age will be such a factor that one of the guys will suddenly get old over night (although stranger things have happened) but I do think it is reasonable to ask the question who has aged better in their career, as a factor to take into account when trying to make a pick on the fight.

If we are been honest with ourselves, you’d have to say Floyd has. For all his flamboyant money flashing, he has lived a very clean life, never smoked or touched a drop of alcohol. On top of this he’s taken the least punishment in the ring our of probably any fighter in history.

Compare this to Manny, who self confessed to his vices not long ago from alcohol to occasional gambling when he was out of training to since in recent times return to the spartan life of a fighter, inspired by his faith.

Of course there is nothing wrong with having vices, we all do. But at the very top level of sport and indeed most professions in life, the very best guys at the very pinnacle of their games, often live disciplined, squeaky clean lives and as a result unsurprisingly enjoy great longevity and success in their careers.

Mayweather will certainly be the fresher guy on May 2nd in my opinion, the question will be how much fire and intensity will Manny have had lit under him in the training for the fight, which could be considerable enough to bring back the Pacquiao of old – who stopped Oscar, Hatton and Cotto.

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