Freddie Roach Accuses Mayweather Of Using A Spy

Freddie Roach Accuses Mayweather Of Using A Spy

Freddie Roach Accuses Mayweather Of Using A Spy

Speaking with Radio Rahim from Seconds Out yesterday at the Wild Card Gym media day Freddie Roach spoke on a Mayweather mole in their camp, who was promptly removed.


In the continued global story that is Mayweather vs Pacquiao, Hall of Fame trainer Freddie Roach spoke yesterday of how a suspected Mayweather mole was asked to leave Pacquiao’s training camp following one day of sparring with Pacquiao, after it was uncovered that the sparring partner’s trainer had links to camp Mayweather.

When speaking on sparring partners he mentioned, “The one guy I sent home, he’s from St Louis but he lives in Vegas now, he brought one of his trainers who works with Mayweather so I had to ask him to leave. He was actually good work too.”

He was asked “Are you saying there’s a mole in the camp?”, to which Freddie replied “Yeah, he last one day”, replied the trainer of the year.

It is often hard to gauge how much truth or fact is behind these stories leading up to big fights, but it always adds a bit of spice and twist to the build up of a mega show down, especially one this big.

Even if it were to be true, it is unlikely Mayweather would have gained any significant advantage anyway, as the training partner in question was asked to leave on the first day he started working with Pacquiao.

Then again, there is the school of thought that might say this is a typical move from the a guy as crafty as Mayweather, who no doubt is taking the fight deadly serious.

There is always stories relating to sparring sessions leading up to big fights, in terms of guys getting knocked down, not performing well, etc. But oftentimes what happens in training stays in training and the public never really get the full facts.

The Mayweather vs Pacquiao plot thickens.

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