Lucas Matthysse and Ruslan Provodnikov Rearing To Go

Lucas Matthysse and Ruslan Provodnikov Rearing To Go

Lucas Matthysse and Ruslan Provodnikov

This Saturday two former hard hitting champions will battle it out in a thrilling light welterweight fight in Verona, New York.


The fight will be shown live on HBO and in many ways will represent a big chance for both guys, in terms of making a run at a 140 lbs title this year.

These two men are known for being in exciting fights, throwing big leather and in general, going to war. Sound like a recipe for an exciting clash of styles? Definitely.

Check out what the two guys had to say about one another going into this Saturday’s fight, during their arrival this week in New York (courtesy of Mercury LLC).

How do you feel about the fight and when did you begin training?

Lucas Matthysse: “I have been training non-stop, way before the fight was officially announced. I have been doing a lot of sparring to improve my speed and make sure I make as much contact with my opponent as possible”.

Ruslan Provodnikov: “I am excited and motivated for this fight, I will not disappoint my fans and it will be a real war! Everything is going great with my training and will be ready for a really war in the ring”.

How are you preparing to face each other?

Matthysse: “Ruslan is a great fighter, he comes prepared for a war. My strategy against him will be to make sure to box and keep moving, that is why sparring has been really important in my training”.

Provodnikov: “I will be ready for whatever Matthysse does. I 100% percent believe that this fight will be the fight of the year. I always give everything I can in training camp and I’m very responsible. I don’t take anybody lightly, but to answer your question: walking into the ring with a fighter that I know will fight back will definitely show that what I can do as a boxer than going up against a fighter who will just run”.

What should fans expect to see on April 18?

Matthysse: “Fans can expect one of the greatest fights in the division. I know I am ready to win this fight and fans should expect a victory”.

Provodnikov: “I promise this is going to be the fight you guys are all waiting for”.

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