Ward Froch 2: Could the ‘Cobra’ realistically win a rematch?

Ward Froch 2: Could the ‘Cobra’ realistically win a rematch?

ward froch 2

Recent reports suggest a second installment of Carl Froch vs Andre Ward could happen later in 2015.


This speculation has been mixed however and I’m not fully convinced yet that Froch would exactly want to get back in there with Ward, even if he is coming off a two year lay off.

Let’s not forget the last time they fought either. Ward did prove a class above on the night to be fair and I’m not sure what a great warrior like Carl Froch would have to gain in a rematch, that could really only harm is legacy if he lost and probably not compensate nearly as well as other fights to boot.

Of course Ward likely wouldn’t want to get straight back in there with a fighter of Froch’s caliber straight off the bat, having not fought since way back in 2013, with another year gap before that for his previous fight in 2012.

He’d likely want to get rid of some ring rust first and talks of a possible fight with Liverpool’s Paul Smith could very well do this before a potential Froch part two.

I just don’t think Froch will want it though. He’s doing the media rounds at the moment and obviously is building something up, but I can’t see that something being Andre Ward next.

ward froch 2

He’s had a fantastic career and in my view doesn’t need to prove anything to anybody. I feel he would be better off playing the waiting game and waiting for a tasty fight with the likes of a Chavez Jr or Golovkin to come along.

He seems like a man that needs a big name to motivate himself to get out of bed and understandably so at this stage of his career, with a resume the envy of elite level fighters the world over.

He’s faced the best time and time again, traveled abroad and faced his mandatory contenders over the years. If anyone deserves a final wish of having a big money fight in Las Vegas, its him.

For me, waiting for this or retiring would be his best option or if he does need to take a keep busy fight before he lands the Vegas dream, at least steer clear of fight Andre Ward next up and try to get the Vegas dream out of the way first.

I can’t see a Ward Froch 2 being particularly entertaining if I’m honest and could only see one winner – Andre Ward.

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