Mayweather or Pacquiao Poll: Who Will Win?

Mayweather or Pacquiao Poll: Who Will Win?

mayweather or pacquiao poll

Not long to go now, we want to get your view on who you think will win in what has been billed the ‘Fight Of The Century’.


Speculation, debate and opinion has been widespread and far reaching, in the run up to what many are predicting to be the biggest fight in the history of professional boxing.

Pundits, famous boxers, former fighters, promoters and boxing personalities across the globe have had mixed views so far on who they think will emerge victorious on the night.

We at have decided to put you the fans in charge, of what you think the outcome will be in our official Mayweather or Pacquaio pre-fight poll.

To cast your vote simply select the option below that you think is the most likely outcome. We’ll announce the results on the day of the weigh-ins before the fight on May 1st!

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