Our Pre-Fight Matthysse vs Provodnikov Prediction

Our Pre-Fight Matthysse vs Provodnikov Prediction

matthysse vs provodnikov prediction
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Provodnikov has already gone on record saying he thinks this fight will be fight of the year. He could very well be right.


It is a genuine pick um fight, as 50/50 as it gets. These two guys only know how to fight one way really and that’s coming forward, throwing bombs.

Sure they both have great boxing skills when needed, you don’t become world champion like both of these guys have without not possessing technical boxing acumen, but this weekend the gel of their two styles will surely result in pugilistic fireworks.

Both men come into the contest in decent form, coming off the back of stoppage wins and this fight will represent a great chance for the winner to propel himself straight into the world title mix at the 140 lbs light-welterweight limit.

Many will remember Provodnikov from his knock down, drag out war in the past with Tim Bradley which went on to secure fight of the year honors back in 2013.He’s a man who has done things the hard way and gotten to this position of fighting live on HBO on his own merits and heart.

The Russian has never been stopped and is renowned for his durability and aggression. He can dig a bit too.

There won’t be much in the reach and height department between these two orthodox sluggers in a fight where if there was, it likely wouldn’t matter anyway due to these two combatants willingness to go to war and not keep it long.

This fight probably represents one of the toughest fights of the year to call or make a prediction on, but we like to put things on the line on this website.

If I had to lean towards one guy over another, instinctively I just feel the Argentinian Matthysse will have an ever so slight edge, with emphasis on the word “slight”.

His defeats have only come to fighters who’ve out boxed him and I can’t really see Ruslan out pointing over the duration. Coupled with Lucas’ ferocious power and Ruslan’s massive heart, I think this could lead to the Russian walking onto a lot of massive bombs.

This is boxing though where anything can happen and one punch can change it all, but if I were to put my house on it this weekend, I’d probably lean towards Matthysse to get the win in what could be a razor thin and legitimate fight of the year affair.

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