Adam Booth, One Of Boxing’s Most Interesting Characters

Adam Booth, One Of Boxing’s Most Interesting Characters

Adam Booth, One Of Boxing's Most Interesting Characters

Referred to in the past as ‘The Dark Lord’, Adam Booth is a man who did things his way.


The story of renowned UK boxing trainer and boxing manager Adam Booth, was one that always intrigued me from the start.

He always struck me as a man who liked to do things his own way and didn’t care too much for the establishment or status quo, which I respected immediately. As without people like that, nothing would ever change.

In today’s time, where being politically correct, climbing the corporate latter and playing the old school ‘game’ are important to many, it is refreshing to see a chap who comes along in a business like boxing and makes a career for himself by doing things in his own, unique way.

When he started out with training David Haye years ago, he often spoke of how difficult and frustrating he found the boxing business to be. Fast forward to today, that frustration and initial hard work has paid off.

He has to be one of the most respected trainers in the UK and in Europe for that matter. His training techniques seem to be quite modern in that a lot of his fighter’s encompass explosive training work into their regimes and eat extremely healthily, with nutrition being an important focus in Booth’s philosophy (and background).

Perhaps his biggest quality as a trainer and indeed as a manager, is his almost maniacal drive and passion for the pursuit of improvement within his chosen profession.

David Haye often referred to how Booth would often stay up all hours researching Youtube videos of fighters to gain insight into how to approach them in the ring.

The thing I like particularly about Booth’s philosophy, is that he tends to focus on what a fighter does well, as opposed to trying to exploit their weaknesses. I feel this can be applied to all walks of life whether it’s business, sport or whatever.

As the famous Chinese war tactician Sun Tzu once said “Know your enemies and know yourself and you will not be imperiled in a hundred battles”.

I think this is a logical argument in that if you know your adversities’ strongest points, you can work on ways to take them away from him or her.

Too many people focus on the negatives in what others do in life I believe. If you really understand the positives that someone does or possesses, you can learn from them and ultimately use them against your opponent, in whatever your field is.

Booth is a man who’s perfected these tactics in his own spin over the years and has never looked up to anyone. I respect this originality. His boxing game plans are one of notoriety at this stage and rightly so.

Today he finds himself guiding WBO world middleweight champion Andy Lee, in a career that has been remarkably turned around and helped by Booth.

As a man, he seems not to care too much for public acclaim and lime light but when he does do interviews and speaks to the media, his deep thinking, straight talking and aloof nature really comes across on camera.

He’s been described as “smug” in the past, unfairly in my opinion. He appears to be a fairly genuine Londoner chap, who just loves his boxing and doesn’t care for bull***t too much.

An intriguing dude, no doubt about it. Irish boxing fans will be hoping he can continue to guide Andy Lee in a positive light through his career and ultimately to the pinnacle, pound for pound echelons of the sport.

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