VIDEO: David Hasselhoff Interviews Mayweather (Bizarre)

David Hasselhoff Interviews Mayweather

david hasselhoff interviews mayweather

In an interview for USA Today, the well known American celebrity had some interesting words…


Celebrities love flying into to town when there’s a big fight on. The Mayweather boxing gym in Las Vegas is accustomed to such visits.

David Hasselhoff also known as ‘The Hoff’ dropped by the Mayweather club during the week, as he was in town for Boyz II Men and Elton John concerts apparently.

In a chance to interview the pound for pound boxing king and highest paid sportsman in the world, ‘The Hoff’ wasted no time in getting his question in, leaving Floyd Mayweather well, a little perplexed.

You gotta love ‘The Hoff’.

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