A Look At The Mayweather Pacquiao Betting Odds

A Look At The Mayweather Pacquiao Betting Odds

mayweather pacquiao betting odds

The size and variety of the betting markets available on the fight are staggering.


It shouldn’t be surprising that the most financially lucrative event in the history of pro boxing has stirred up so much activity with the bookmakers, but it’s probably the biggest betting market I’ve ever seen relating to boxing.

For the purpose of today’s article, I’m going to focus on the outright markets and method of victory markets.

Of course, there is also plenty of round betting, group round betting, how the fight will be won and many other speciality markets, but for me, the outright and method of victory domains usually represent the most callable punts in boxing.

As of this morning, I went over to oddschecker.com who are currently giving a breakdown and comparison of what a lot of the bookies are offering relating to the above.

These no doubt will change as the fight draws closer, but should give you a decent indication of where things stand.

Lets have a look.

Mayweather vs Pacquiao – Winner (Outright)

mayweather pacquiao betting odds

Mayweather is a firm favourite and the best it looks like you can get on him is 1/2 to win outright.

So if you put down $100/£100/€100, you’d make 50% profit on your wager. Not a bad bet in my opinion and that’s where the safe money is. I can’t see ‘Money’ losing.

Inevitably, people will look to get more value and be a little bit more greedy though. If you wanted more value, Pacquiao is obviously your man at 2/1. I just can’t see him doing it though.

Interestingly the draw is 20/1 at the moment. Stranger things have happened in big fights before and this is certainly worth a cheeky small punt in my opinion.

Of course you could take Mayweather on a double, a treble or an accumulator (or parlay for our American friends) as part of a multi-sport wager to enhance your odds.

Mayweather vs Pacquiao – Method Of Victory

mayweather pacquiao betting odds

The method of victory category gives more value but also more risk at the same time, especially in a sport like boxing where one single punch can change the entire course of a match, or a bad judges decision can go your way.

Many in the Mayweather camp including his uncle Rodger, his business partner Ellerbe, have all said they believe Mayweather will definitely knock out Pacquiao. If you believe them, you’d certainly be rewarded at 7/1 for it with the bookmakers.

The counter argument for Pacquiao followers, is that Pacquiao will out work Floyd with his punch output and foot work for the 12 rounds and take a decision. Again, if you believe that, you’d be rewarded at currently best price 5/1.

The bookies clearly think Mayweather wins a decision and it’s hard to argue with them given Mayweather’s past form, but I’d keep well away from it. Here’s why.

If you look  at the above odds, the bookies are offering a best price of 4/6 or 8/11 for Mayweather to win on points at the moment.

With the risk reward involved in such a high stake fight like this, why would you bother going for that when you can take Mayweather to win by any method (points/KO/TKO) for virtually the same price at 1/2?

That’s where the smart money is for me as things stand, but as always, one punch or a bad decision can change it all.

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