Our Chat With Unbeaten HW Lucas Big Daddy Browne

Our Chat With Unbeaten Heavyweight Lucas Big Daddy Browne

lucas big daddy browne
Picture: Lucas Browne Twitter – @bigdaddybrowne1

Boxing NAV’s Cathal Jennings caught up with undefeated (22-0, 19KO) big hitter Lucas ‘Big Daddy’ Browne this week, who is now mandatory contender for the WBA heavyweight title.


What is it like working with the legend that is Ricky Hatton, have you gained any knowledge from him? 

“To be perfectly honest I’ve only seen him in person about 5 or 6 times now, when I go over to the UK for a fight, the fight here in OZ and the recent Vegas trip. I can say from the limited exposure to him that he seems a very good man with a lot of knowledge, which he’s very willing to share with his boxers”.

After Klitschko defeated Bryant Jennings on Saturday night, he said he will now fight Tyson Fury. Who do you think will win that fight? 

“I like Tyson Fury and think he will give him a run for his money, but at the end of the day, Wlad will put him away within 8 I think”.

You have been named mandatory challenger for the WBA heavyweight championship, how do you feel about that and what problems do you think Ruslan Chagaev can give you? 

“I’m very excited about the opportunity to fight for a world title and show the world what I can do. I’m happy that team Hatton has come through with the fight and feel as if it is my time. I think Chagaev will only pose a threat because he’s a lefty, but in saying that the best way to stop a lefty is the right hand down the middle – my most devastating punch”.

Do you think basing yourself in Europe would improve your chances of landing fights and perhaps speed up negotiations?

“No not really, Hatton has his plan for me and won’t want me to fight any other fights than the ones I’m fighting. I don’t think it would matter at all. Sparring though would be the only benefit, in my opinion”.

The huge fight between Mayweather and Pacquiao is on Saturday night, who do you think wins and why? 

“I think Mayweather will always be too slick for Pacman and will win by decision. But I am excited for the fight”.

Do you think it is the biggest fight of all time (May v Pac) or is it the money that has made it so big?

“I think it’s been so long since we have had a fight if this caliber, that it’s been made bigger than it is. It’s a massive fight that’s been in the making for years, but fights like that were a regular thing a few years back”.

You have said you would like to fight Dereck Chisora, why do you want that fight and has there been any negotiations regarding a fight?

“I would like to fight Chisora yes, I think it’s a fight that the fans want to see, it would be an old school brawl and he’s a name that would draw attention. No negotiations have taken place to my knowledge, as I said, Hatton has his plan”.

Why has there been a no announcement on your next fight, what is the hold up? 

“I believe that the Chagaev camp and the WBA have a few issues to sort out first in regards to a rematch with Oquendo, and a fight before mine”.

What fights would you like to see made this year? 

“I would love to see Fury put on his ass”.

Who was your boxing hero and idol growing up?

“Without a doubt, my idol was and still is Mike Tyson – the man when it came to boxing”.

Before the year is out who would you like to fight, obviously Chagaev, but after that?

“Chagaev for the world title, fury and other people of that caliber, then Wlad”.

And finally, why do you love boxing?

“I love boxing because I can bash people, get paid for it, and people love and cheer for me when I do it”.

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