Mayweather says he will start aggressive, will he though?

Mayweather says he will start aggressive, will he though?

mayweather says he will start aggressive

It will go against what he’s been doing for the last decade or so if he does.


“Of course I would love to win by knockout, I’m going to press the attack early”

Mayweather made the remarks last night speaking on US TV show “Inside The NBA”, but I just wonder how much truth or conviction there was in his words?

Neither him or Manny have had a knockout victory in well over a decade between them, could Mayweather coming out aggressive and pushing the pace early on actually be a clever ploy on his part? Possibly so.

It would certainly go against convention as to what many are predicting and could very well fluster Manny early on if he did, in my opinion.

A lot of people will expect Manny to be the one to come out aggressive early on, but if Floyd were to also do this and stand in the center of the ring and actually press the attack from round one, we could have a really exciting fight on our hands.

Of course things are always said in the build up to fights and this could just be just that, talk, but nonetheless if Mayweather were to start off in this vein, it would take a lot of boxing fans off guard.

There’s been an above average amount of words spouted regarding knockouts for this fight.

Virtually all of Mayweather’s camp are predicting “Money” to stop Pacquiao inside the distance and Floyd himself has spoken numerous times of how he wants to get the knockout.

I just wonder could it be on the cards? There is so much split opinion on this fight, on who will win and how they will win.

Mayweather has looked in phenomenal shape for this mega showdown and with Alex Ariza in his corner, could be as strong and powerful as he’s ever been in his career.

Combine this with the fact he’s gone back to some old school training methods like chopping wood, could we see an old school type Mayweather throwing combinations and looking to get Pacquiao out of there?

Stranger things have happened.

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