Mayweather Still The Best Boxer In The World

Mayweather Still The Best Boxer In The World

mayweather still the best boxer in the world

It was an event that will live long into the memories of boxing fans around the globe, with “Money” proving why he is the apex fighter in the sport, pound for pound.


For those who’ve watched the sport for many years, the nature of the fight not igniting into an all action affair, didn’t come as much of of a surprise in truth. But for boxing enthusiasts, it was poetry in motion.

I think the event will be remembered more for it’s grand spectacle and the years of waiting for it to actually happen, more so than the contest itself.

For purists like myself, I found it intriguing in spots, particularly when Pacquiao had his moments with some straight left hands and backed Mayweather up onto the ropes, but the mastery of Floyd Mayweather was just too much for him over the twelve rounds.

It was interesting to see Mayweather start so fast, when many had predicted it would Pacquiao who would jump on Mayweather from the get go.

The distance, movement and jab employed by Mayweather never really allowed Pacquiao to sustain any consistent momentum throughout the match. The defensive and elusive brilliance of Mayweather was a site to behold at times.

The straight right hand proved to be his go to shot as many thought before hand and there just wasn’t much Pacquiao could do about it. Mayweather forced him to fight at his pace.

A case could be made that the Pacquiao of five or six years ago would have had much more success, as last night his work rate, stamina and speed didn’t seem to be what it once was. Then again, its easy to say that I think, when the reality was that Mayweather was just so good he made it look this way, essentially nullifying Manny.

It seemed like every time Manny went to the well, it was dry. He didn’t have the game needed to put dents in the armour of the best counter punching, defensive technician in the game.

I thought Mayweather put on a clinic, with his usual wide stance, patient tactics and unrivaled  accuracy. He was relaxed from start to finish and it seemed like from the opening round he knew he was going to win.

I gave Pacquiao three rounds, everything else to Mayweather.

Now 48-0, last night cements his legacy as the greatest boxer of his generation for me. One more fight to go in September, enjoy him while he’s there.

People will say what they like, he’ll be missed when he’s retired. A boxing magician.

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