Pacquiao Shoulder Injury Controversy Set To Rumble On

Pacquiao Shoulder Injury Controversy Set To Rumble On

pacquiao shoulder injury

‘Pacman’ could now be sidelined for six plus months but the argument exists, why was he allowed to enter the Mayweather fight with such a serious injury and why didn’t he disclose it?


Post Big Fight Controversy, Nothing New

There was always likely to be some post-fight controversy surrounding an event as big as Mayweather vs Pacquiao, but the main theme of it now appears to focused on the injury sustained to Manny Pacquiao’s shoulder, weeks before the fight even took place.

It has emerged that Manny tore his right rotator cuff a few weeks before the fight which forced him to take an entire week off from sparring.

It was not revealed to the Commission (regulating the fight) on the official disclosure form prior to the bout and it appears that the Athletic Commission in Nevada were only made aware of the injury 90 minutes prior to the bout commencing.

Post-fight injury complaints are seldom what anyone wants to hear in boxing, particularly from a fighter who has been defeated, but in Manny Pacquiao’s case it is really unusual, as he’s a man known for never complaining and getting on with things.

Manny’s Pre-Fight Questionnaire

The following image has emerged of a questionnaire Manny filled out prior to the fight, where it can be seen he didn’t disclose the injury to the Nevada State Athletic Commission.

pacquiao shoulder injury

This could potentially lead Manny into a spot of trouble with the commission, as he failed to disclose the injury. Why didn’t he let them know about the injury? Only he can answer this, but one possible reason is if he did, the fight simply wouldn’t have taken place, causing global outrage.

Further controversy has been added to the situation by comments from Pacquiao pertaining to how he felt hard done by the Commission after wards, who he claimed didn’t allow him to take an anti-inflammatory medication for the injury before the fight, nor allowing him take his usual pre-fight vitamins.


This issue will likely rumble on for a while but for me, it takes away slightly from the brilliant boxing display that Mayweather put on.

There’s also been some comments from Manny saying that Mayweather knew about his injury before the fight and pulled on his right arm to try to further aggravate the injury.

All these comments are unlike Manny and to me, are a little disappointing. Even after the fight when he said he thought he won the bout, I was a little let down by that.

His body language after the final bell was that of a defeated man and it looked as though he had accepted the defeat when the score cards were read out. Perhaps this is all just an attempt to angle for a rematch, but in all honesty, it would be a hard sell.

I think most people realised that Mayweather won the fight at this stage, no matter how you scored it. With one fight left in September, it is going to be hard for the ‘Money’ man to live up to the size of the spectacle that May 2nd generated.

As regards Manny, whatever is next for him and whenever that maybe, there’s no denying that his legion of fans will still be behind him no matter what happens next. The shoulder injury story will no doubt take on a few more twists and turns in the coming weeks.

He did leave a nice message on Twitter after the fight, that was more indicative of the humble personality we have come to know over the years from the Filipino boxing legend.

pacquiao shoulder injury

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