Poll: Who should Mayweather fight in final fight?

Poll: Who should Mayweather fight in final fight?

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He’s now astonishingly 48-0. With just one fight left on his contract, who’s it gonna be? Have your say in our poll (at the end of this article).


Amir Khan

The Englishman is probably the leading contender along with American big hitter Keith ‘One Time’ Thurman. The Khan speed of hand and foot could potentially pose a problem to Mayweather, then again, that argument was also presented for the Pacquiao fight.

Timing could be the biggest obstacle to this fight, with Mayweather likely to fight in September and Khan’s religious commitments to Ramadan falling around this time also which could rule out a September encounter for the man from Bolton.

A compromise would need to be forged somewhere.

Keith Thurman

Many believe the big punching Thurman to be one of the most dangerous contenders out there for the pound for pound best fighter in the world. I’m not quite sold on that yet though.

It would be interesting to see Floyd take on a young hungry lion like Thurman in his final ring appearance, for sure, but is he a big enough name just yet, to realistically justify a Mayweather pay per view extravaganza lottery ticket?


Gennady Golovkin

Probably the match that everyone would like to see. If Mayweather were to beat Gennady Golovkin in convincing fashion, capturing a title at middleweight for the first time and retiring on 49-0, equalling Rocky Marcian’s record, he’d go down as one of the very best fighters of all time for me (if not the best).

I don’t quite see why Mayweather should have to face such a menacing puncher at a weight he’s never boxed at before, this late in his career however. Where does the argument stop after that, should Mayweather fight Kovalev or Klitschko then? To be fair, Mayweather’s a relatively small welterweight after all.

Mayweather’s aversion to risk could rule such a bout out, as fascinating as it would be.

Manny Pacquiao Rematch

I can’t see it happening, especially now with the news Manny will be sidelined with a substantial shoulder injury after their mega fight. This will keep him out for a while and has effectively now ruled out any realistic chance of a rematch occurring.

Also, would people really want to watch a rematch with the ‘Pacman’? Mayweather was fairly conclusive in his win (in most people’s estimations). It is hard to see how a Pacquiao rematch would live up to all the hype of what went down before May 2nd.

Tough sell.

Miguel Cotto Rematch At Middleweight

Maybe a dark horse, but one that definitely has a chance at coming to fruition in my opinion. Their first fight was as entertaining as Mayweather fights get, with Cotto pushing him very, very hard at times.

It would equally have the added historical incentive to sell such an event, in terms of Mayweather challenging for a middleweight title for the first time, in a bid to become a six weight world champion.

Have Your Say

Well, there’s our five likely opponents that we think the ‘Money’ man will be sizing up for the final fight of his legendary career.

However we want to know what you think. Cast your vote below on who you think it will be or if it is someone else not on our list – feel free to drop us a message in the comments section below. 

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