Andy Lee vs Matthew Macklin could still be HUGE

Andy Lee vs Matthew Macklin could still be HUGE

Andy Lee vs Matthew Macklin

An Irish boxing fan’s dream fight, in fact, a match that would wet the appetite of any fight fan.


“Andy and I fighting for a World title in Dublin or Birmingham would be massive. Obviously he’s out injured at the moment so I need to get back in there and get winning to be in line for a huge fight with him.”

It maybe unlikely, but with Matthew Macklin returning to action this weekend in Birmingham and having said the above last week, you just never know.

Irish boxing fans maybe forgiven for indulging in what would still potentially be one of the biggest all Irish fights in history. These two warriors have been linked with one another for their entire careers but perhaps now it would be bigger than ever, with a world title in the mix.

Of course, Andy Lee will need to recover from injury and face his mandatory contender likely after the summer, but a Macklin clash could still plausibly be on the cards for November or December in 2015, provided both men keep winning.

It is unclear as to how long Andy will be out for, but a summer showdown with Saunders is definitely now been ruled out.

Andy Lee vs Matthew Macklin

When Andy Lee returns and faces his mandatory challenger after the summer (whoever that might be then depending on results) a fight with Matthew Macklin would definitely undoubtedly still sell, both in Ireland and the UK.

Of course, the main question will be surrounding how much does Matthew have left in the tank?

He suffered a conclusive stoppage defeat last time out before Christmas to Argentinian Jorge Sebastian Heiland, but there has been suggestions that burn-out and over training where genuine factors in the sub par performance.

Hypothetically speaking, if Macklin were to come back in emphatic fashion this weekend with a sensational win over Ferenc Albert, followed by a big win in the summer against a ranked opponent, which was then proceeded by Lee taking care of his mandatory post-summer 2015, a voluntary defense at the end of 2015 or start of 2016 might not be totally out of the question.

This is boxing after all, where fights fall out and get put together out of the blew all the time.

Stranger things have happened – that’s for sure.

The big part of this boxing fan’s dream equation will come down to how much Matthew Macklin (below) has left on Saturday night.

Irish fight fans will be hoping he’s still got the eye of the tiger, as they wait patiently for what could conceivably be the biggest all Irish fight ever.

Andy Lee vs Matthew Macklin

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