Froch says Joshua Will Go All The Way

Froch says Joshua Will Go All The Way

Froch says Joshua Will Go All The Way
Picture: Lonsdale

With a perfect record so far, Anthony Joshua has already managed to build up quite some hype around himself.


One man that believes AJ can go all the way to the top is WBA super-middleweight champion Carl Froch. In an interview with Lonsdale, Froch was full of praise for his countryman. He said: 

“I think Anthony Joshua is the real deal. You’re always going to have question marks when people come through. But he is strong, he’s got the right mind-set and he can take a punch. 

“He’s got the mentality of a winner and a hard worker and a grafter. He’s got that natural instinct.”

Froch also believes that Joshua can go all the way to the top, he said: “He’s the real deal and I’d be very surprised if he doesn’t win numerous world titles.”

When asked who Joshua reminded him off, Froch was, again, very complimentary with the names he mentioned, comparing him to the likes of Mike Tyson, Frank Bruno, Lennox Lewis and the Klitschkos. 

“He’s very very athletic like Frank Bruno, but Frank Bruno was almost an engineered fighter, he wasn’t very natural. Anthony Joshua has got a lot of natural ability. 

“I think he’s a mould of 2 or 3 fighters. He has that Mike Tyson instinct, that mean streak. But he boxes and moves like the Klitschkos do. He uses his jab and he’s got that ring presence of Lennox Lewis. That domination from round one. 

“He’s a mixture of all different fighters which is another reason why think he’s destined to be a world champion.”

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