Big Fight Preview – Golovkin vs Monroe Prediction

Big Fight Preview – Golovkin vs Monroe Prediction

golovkin vs monroe prediction

In 1976 Willie Monroe Jr’s great uncle shocked the world by beating Marvin Hagler over ten rounds. Nearly 40 years on, Jr will bid to follow in his family member’s footsteps and dethrone another modern day 160 lbs titan, in Gennady Golovkin.


He’ll start as a major underdog of course but tonight will see slick southpaw Willie Monroe Jr challenge the undisputed world middleweight number one Gennady Golovkin in Inglewood, California, to see if he can upset the apple cart.

Coming into the contest both men are in terrific form, with Monroe racking up nine straight wins dating back to 2012 and Golovkin riding the crest of a seven year knock out wave, that’s seen no man remarkably go the distance with him in that time.

The question on most boxing fans’ minds will be, what can Monroe do different to GGG’s previous vanquished foes? There is a school of thought that says his slick southpaw, technical style, may in fact be the antidote to Golovkin’s freakish power.

Monore is certainly no mug and judging by the weigh-in and his recent interviews leading up to this fight, he’s in a great place both mentally and physically.

He’ll need to be. There’s been former Golovkin victims who’ve tried the boxing on the back foot strategy in the past with little success, as on top of GGG’s frightening punching ability, lays a nearly impressive combination of footwork, patience and boxing IQ.

He has this knack of cutting off the ring and closing the distance on what’s in front of him, at the right time. His relaxed demeanor while breaking his opponents down almost creates an inevitable feeling of imminent doom in his bouts. It’s as if everyone watching his fights now are thinking, “It’s just a matter of time.”

This methodical stalking and brick fisted approach has been an unbreakable success so far and it is unlikely Monroe Jr will have the type of pop or fire power needed to keep GGG at bay – in a keeping it long type strategy.

For my money, expect GGG to eventually break down a very game Willie Monroe Jr and take him out in the later rounds.

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