Golovkin vs Froch Could Be Close

Golovkin vs Froch Could Be Close

Golovkin vs Froch

With the ‘Cobra’ hinting he’s interested, talks of Wembley Stadium and the compelling nature of such a fight, boxing fans may just get the dream match they’ve been waiting for.


All of a sudden momentum seems to have gathered with a super fight between ‘GGG’ and the ‘Cobra’. This fight reared it’s head last year, when Froch mentioned that he would be interested in sharing a ring with Golovkin. I (at the time) just assumed that Froch was mentioning it as part of a conversation that they tend to have on Sky Sports fight night.

I didn’t dwell on it much then, as Golovkin was just making some waves and Carl had recently come off his fight with Groves and was looking for that big Vegas fight (Chavez Jr). As time went by, it was mentioned more, but I believed it would have been put to bed with Eddie Hearn quoted as saying “It wouldn’t be HBO PPV worthy”. Funny how much can change in a year eh!

The fight for me would be an amazing battle, one I could get excited over. It would be a huge achievement for Matchroom if they could get this in the UK (O2 again) and give us fight fans an amazing finish to the year. The more I sit here and think about this fight, the possible scenarios that could come are huge.

Watching Golovkin during his recent bouts, it’s easy to see what people are excited about. A huge puncher that is knocking people out for fun, but if you’re more than a fleeting fan, then you’ll see more to him than just the power.

The one thing that stands out to me is foot work and ring craft. Any boxer will tell you that they will work tirelessly on angles and foot placement, but when I watch Golovkin he seems to do this seamlessly. With just 2 steps he can place a fighter either in the corner, against the ropes or in an awkward position (feet crossed), along with this he can deliver brutal power.

He’s clever with his work using little touching shots to open an opponent up before delivering the fatal blow. People have said to me that he takes to many shots. I’m not totally disagreeing, I’ve seen him take some punches that he doesn’t need to (especially against Monroe Jr) and that could be a concern against someone who is heavy handed like Froch.

Froch would be a totally new concept for Golovkin to deal with. Carl has a good jab (when he decides to use it), throws lots of combinations and has a very high work rate. He’s not someone who will take a back seat; he’ll always be at you, in your face and throwing. This is something Golovkin is not regularly accustomed to (closest he’s came to this was against Martin Murray).

The questions (out of hundreds) I would put forward to you, the fight fans out there, would be:

  • Could Golovkin manoeuvre Froch around the ring like he has in his with previous opponents?
  • Could Golovkin back Froch up?
  • Could Froch hurt Golovkin enough to slow his advances?
  • Will Froch’s work rate be too much for GGG?

At the moment the talks (from what Eddie Hearn has said) are very positive, but that’s all they are ‘talk’ and anything or everything could go wrong.

Golovkin needs this fight more than Froch, but Carl has this desire to be remembered as a great, so this fight would be something (in my opinion) that would get him interested. What better way to finish your career than to be the man who did what no one else could to GGG.

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