Is Britain becoming pound for pound best at boxing?

Is Britain becoming pound for pound best at boxing?

Britain becoming pound for pound best at boxing

Perhaps a controversial topic, but nonetheless one certainly open for at least some reasonable discussion, based on both history and modern day standings.


From the early 1990’s British boxing has exploded, from the fights with Ben, Eubank, Watson and so forth, I can’t say there has been a dull moment. From a promotion point of view, Britain has not been able to compete with America (Vegas etc.), we don’t have the area and infrastructure for it, but I think for fighters and rivalries we have come out on top.

Now the question I’m asking has been needling me for sometime, when I ask it people straight away say NO, then start going on about the American greats etc. (half of which aren’t in the last 20 years), when pressed again and asked to ponder on the question they then start to come to a different way of thinking.

When you look at the statistics of world champions and where they are from, Britain is ranked No4 on the list (behind America, Mexico and Japan), but when you dig a little deeper and look at population size and the amount of world champions we have produced, it does start to look like we could have a shout.

The future for British boxing is only getting better. Look at the amateur setup we have at Sheffield and what they are doing on both world and Olympic levels. Even the American amateur association is in awe of the set up we have there.

The way boxing is going in Britain, you cannot help but get excited. We have a good spread of champions throughout the divisions, some great rivalries and future fights pending. Not to mention the possibility of more world honours (British fighters are involved in the next 4 world title fights).

So I put this to any British fight fans out there, is Britain becoming the pound for pound fight country of the world?

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