An analysis of the Rule Britannia May 30th Card

An analysis of the Rule Britannia May 30th Card

Rule Britannia May 30th Card

“Rule Britannia” cried Eddy Hearn, as he announced the next big fight night in British boxing recently.


Kell Brook vs Frankie Gavin

Kell Brook champion of the world vs Frankie Gavin. Not a fight that got me excited by any means. What got me excited was the following announcement, that it was to be screened on box office. Well that got me and the rest of the UK screaming at the TV (Box office!) that once again Sky were taking advantage of the dedicated fight fan. Overtime the undercard was announced, showing that maybe it wouldn’t be a bad night of boxing (I still don’t think it’s worth £20 of my hard earned money).

Kell Brook for me is on the verge of becoming a great fighter. He went abroad against a good fighter (Porter) and wrestled the title from him in his own backyard. Brook for most of his foes, is he is a dangerous fighter, strong, has good ring craft, speed and determination. Who in the top level of the 147 division needs to take a chance and fight him?

Brook isn’t a big enough name for a fighter to take that gamble and this is why he is having to take fights (in the meantime) against Frankie Gavin, who although is a well-rounded fighter, isn’t up on the level (in my opinion) of Brook. Don’t get me wrong, Gavin was a decorated amateur (first Britain to win world amateur championship) and has done well in the pros, but he will struggle against Kell and I see him being beat soundly. I’m hoping that Eddie Hearn can get him the big fights that he and the fans yearn for (then I’ll be happy paying for box office).


As I mentioned, the undercard (in my opinion) saved this bill. Two world title fights with Mitchell & Selby and the outstanding prospect that is Anthony Joshua. Joshua’s fight (for me) is going to be an interesting one with Kevin ‘Kingpin’ Johnson. Most will have first seen Johnson in ‘Prize Fighter’ (at least it was for me), but he has been in a world title fight (Wlad Klitschko) and fought Britain’s two domestic heavy weights (Fury & Chisora, both going 12 rounds). Here’s some highlights from when he fought Chisora:

He’s a well-rounded professional, who constantly moves around the ring pumping out a strong jab and frustrating fighters (demonstrated this well against Manuel Char). It will be a make or break fight for Joshua (remember David Price), but if he stays composed and uses his skills, I can see Joshua doing the business and gain the experience that he’ll need. Johnson has never been stopped and I don’t see Joshua doing this.

Lee Selby

Lee Selby is in pole position to be the 12th World Champion to come from the valleys in Wales (okay he’s from Barry and it’s a seaside town). Selby is a real talent (Welsh Mayweather is one nickname), slick, cool and incredibly talented. He appears to be really shy and retiring, until he gets in the ring and becomes a different person, not afraid to show off.

The man in the other corner is Evgeny Gradovich aka ‘El Ruso Mexicano’, the nickname coming from the way he fights. Unbeaten in 20 (19W-1D), this guy is in your face no-nonsense fighter, who will walk you down and beat you up. I believe Selby has the style to eliminate this threat and make this his fight (no surprise that his last fight was similar in style). I’m a big fan of Selby and believe he will walk away as the 12th Welsh World Champion.

Kevin Mitchell

Kevin Mitchell is finally back and he steps in to try and take hold of that famous green belt. Kevin has had such a rollercoaster of a life/career, that why it’s impossible not to like the guy. The heart and determination he has shown to come back, not once but twice, and he now finds himself on the brink of finally gaining world honours. The only thing is, that I’m not quite sure he’ll do it.

The man in his way is Jorge Linares. The Venezuelan is a 3 weight world champion, fast and very skillful. I’ve seen him fight before and was really impressed. I think he will be too much for Mitchell. I don’t believe Mitchell will be able to match his speed and skill and doesn’t have the strength to bully him or slow him down. I feel Mitchell will give it his all and go out on his shield (if needed), but that it still won’t be enough to win the title.

All in all, we should be in for an exciting night of boxing and hopefully a new wave of British fighters crowned World Champions.

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