O’Sullivan Blasts Betancourt Out In 2 Concussive Rounds

O’Sullivan Blasts Betancourt Out In 2 Concussive Rounds

O'Sullivan Blasts Betancourt Out In 2 Concussive Rounds

It was another impressive performance for the Cork middleweight contender tonight, who took another step towards to world title aspirations which are becoming more tangibly achievable with every performance this year.


Tonight in Boston, Irish 160 lbs contender Gary ‘Spike’ O’Sullivan showed boxing fans around the world exactly why is building up such a following at the moment with his fan friendly fight style.

His come forward, heavy handed, gun slinging approach was on display again tonight against Dominican Republic native Melvin Betancourt.

The fight started off in a relatively even fashion, with the first round overall been relatively close, with Spike landing the cleaner work and a notable left hook.

He put Melvin Betancourt on the back foot right from the get go, although Betancourt showed plenty of spirit at times, towards the end of round one coming back at ‘Spike’ with some fast hand combos off the back foot. These were easily covered up however and blocked by a solid guard from the Irish man, who showed a tight defence.

The second round brought about the end of the short lived contest, with O’Sullivan putting Betancourt down twice with some serious fire power.

After some hurtful looking body shots going in on Betancourt, ‘Spike’ landed a vicious right hook which floored his opponent, badly hurting the man from the Dominican Republic.

He bravely chose to get back up to his feet, only to receive another heavy barrage from the Irish middleweight which closed the show. It’s debatable whether he should have been left get back up from the referee, but nonetheless, O’Sullivan showed excellent finishing skills to get his man out of there.

After such an entertaining knockout, Gary ‘Spike’ O’Sullivan no doubt will move on to bigger fights in 2015. He has made another big statement tonight and showed why he is becoming such a feared puncher in the middleweight division.

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