Biography of Roman Chocolatito Gonzalez

Biography of Roman Chocolatito Gonzalez

Biography of Roman Chocolatito Gonzalez

The Nicaraguan pocket rocket has really come to prominence in 2015. Here’s a brief run through the flyweight king’s sensational career to date, that many are predicting will go on to reach dizzying highs in the coming years.


Roman Gonzalez was born on June 17th 1987, in Nicaragua. His record to date speaks for itself in truth. He has remarkably won all of his 43 fights that he’s had thus far, winning 37 of them by knockout. Many fight fans may not of heard of the Nicaraguan just yet, but those in the know say he’s one of the pound for pound best already.

Gonzalez who goes by the nickname of ‘El Chocolatito’ turned pro in 2005, fighting in the minimum weight division. Gonzalez won his first 16 fights by knockout, where fighters couldn’t deal with his ferocious power and his lightening speed.

In 2008 Roman fought for his first world title when he took on Japan’s Yutaka Niida for the WBA World minimum weight Championship in Yokohama, Japan. Gonzalez made easy work of the champion that night and defeated him by TKO with less than a minute gone in the 4th round.

He then defended his WBA strap three times. Around this time Gonzalez was gaining attention with his almost faultless performances.

The next step was to make the move to Flyweight which he did in late 2008, making easy work of Miguel Tellez. Roman destroyed Tellez in  3 rounds of their 10 round bout.

After that he moved back down to minimum weight so he could defend his title. He defended his belt against Francisco Rosas and Katsunari Takayama, beating both on points respectively.

Roman then vacated his WBA crown and went on to win the WBA Interim Light Flyweight title against Francisco Rojas in Japan. Gonzalez would later be promoted to full WBA Light Flyweight Champion in 2011.

He then went onto face Mexican Manuel Vargas, beating him by decision thus taking his record to 28-0.

Roman would take on another Mexican in his next bout facing Omar Salado beating him by TKO and retaining his title.

Las Vegas was next for the man from Nicaragua and in the famous MGM Grand. He took on Omar Soto and defeated him with ease in the second, via a devastating knockout.

Gonzalez next went onto rack up another knockout win in his next fight in Mexico, destroying Miguel Jimenez in the first round. In his next 8 fights Gonzalez went onto win 7 of them by TKO.

(Some outstanding highlights of Gonzalez in action by Axeman K9)

Roman then moved up to Flyweight in 2014 and it was in this division that he really announced himself on the world stage (in late 2014). He faced Japan’s Akira Yaegashi in Tokyo.

In a tense fight, Roman finally got to Akira in the 9th round winning by TKO. With this win he won the WBC and Ring Flyweight titles and became a three weight world champion. Roman has now (thus far to today’s date) defended his titles twice, last defending them earlier this month (May 2015).

Gonzalez turns 28 next month and is only getting stronger with each fight. His speed and power makes him a nightmare for any fighter and his movement makes him hard to hit at the best of times.

It remains to be seen how far Roman can go through the divisions, but without doubt he is the best in the Flyweight world today.

The next logical step for Gonzalez is to move up again and try to win more world titles, one would think.

Manny Pacquiao moved up through the divisions, as did Mayweather and with Gonzalez’s undefeated record, it certainly makes him a fighter in demand in 2015.

Roman Gonzalez has all the skills to become a five or even six weight world champion, and I for one won’t be surprised if he does reach the very top of the sport.

A very, very special talent.

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