VIDEO: DeGale Dedicates World Title to Darren Sutherland

VIDEO: DeGale Dedicates World Title to Darren Sutherland

DeGale Dedicates World Title to Darren Sutherland

It’s not often I get choked up but when I came across this I must admit, it took me back a bit.


In a game and industry like boxing where everything is so often dog eat dog, James DeGale’s touching dedication of his world title victory to former rival and Irish boxing sensation Darren Sutherland, really shows how special the sport can be at times and just what kind of men boxers really are.

James DeGale had worn the initials of his former foe on his shorts for the past five years or so saying “D.S.”, conveying the incredible respect that still exists today for the deceased Irish fighter in boxing.

Sutherland tragically took his own life back in 2009. Although he may no longer be with us today, the memory of his extraordinary fighting talent will live on eternally because of moments like James DeGale’s warm gesture.

In the past, there might have been a slightly less than favourable public perception towards James ‘Chunky’ DeGale in some quarters (unfairly), but after his achievement and touch of class below, opinions from such people no doubt will have changed on the newly crowned IBF super middleweight champion of the world.

For all the people who have given boxing stick in the past, this moment of unquantifiable respect is testament to the power of the sport and the strength of the boxing community in times of trouble.

Boxing is after all a big family and a sport for everyone, regardless of economic or geographical status. Within the sweet science, the language of respect is universal.

Here’s the moving clip from the guys at IFL TV (below) shot straight after DeGale became the first British Olympic Gold medalist to also win a genuine, world title in professional boxing.

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