Why Lomachenko vs Walters would be pure sweet science

Why Lomachenko vs Walters would be pure sweet science

lomachenko vs walters

There’s whispers of a potential fight that could be one of the biggest of the year. No one has made any noise about it, when fight fans should be almost screaming it from the roof tops. It could be perhaps, one of the best pure boxing matches in years.


Well here at Boxing New and Views, we aren’t the type of people to be quiet and keep our opinions to ourselves, so BNAV will get on that high point and shout out to the world, the fight that could be the most electric of the year: Vasyl Lomachenko vs. Nicholas Walters!

Now for those who aren’t that swept up with the noble art yet, or are just getting into boxing, these two combatants are two of the most exciting fighters in the pro-ranks, and talk of them fighting each other would represent just what the term ‘sweet science’ is all about.

‘Hi Tech’

Firstly, you have Lomachenko, and what a fighter this guy is. He was the greatest amateur boxer (in my opinion) in history. Over 200 fights as amateur (only 2 losses), as well as 2 Olympic, 2 World and European gold medals (1 Silver in 07). I first heard about this guy in 08 (Euro’s in Liverpool) and caught one of his fights, which blew me away.

Watching him then, I knew that this fighter would be special, the way he moved and put shots together was pure magic.

I was surprised how late he left it to turn professional, but being as he is still only 27, he still has a lot to offer in the paid ranks and offer them he has! In his first professional fight he fought Jose Ramirez (hard hitting Mexican who had fought over 25 fights) dismantling him in 4 rounds and his 2nd fight was for the World title, losing (he was robbed!) on a SD to Orlando Salido, then coming back in his 3rd fight and winning the world title (yes 3rd fight!) against Gary Russell, Jr. He’s gone on to defend the title twice (Chonlatarn Piriyapinyo & Gamalier Rodriguez), getting the knockout in his last defence (Mayweather & Pac undercard).

‘Axe Man’

And now the flip side of this potential featherweight mega match coin, Nicholas Walters.

Walters might not have the amateur record that Lomachenko has, but don’t underestimate this fighter by any means. His nickname the ‘Axe Man’ really he suits him. Out of 25 wins, he has 21 knockouts, but don’t think that’s all he has to his game, he can box, is very dominate on the inside, moves his feet well and has an engine to match anyone and then some.

His greatest fight to date was (in my opinion) came against Nonito Donaire. He dominated the 5 weight World Champion, broke him down and beat him up. To say I was impressed, was an understatement.

For me, this fight has everything; on the one side Lomachenko, a grace and fluidity that is a joy to watch and the other with Walters, a strong, dominate force – that will consistently break you down.

As you can tell, I’m rather excited by the prospect of this fight and rightly so. This (dare I say it) could be the fight of the year and I believe it deserves just as much exposure as the other potential super fights out there been mooted at present.

These are the level of fights boxing needs to be made, genuine 50/50 encounters, to continue the sport’s massive resurgence and positive momentum in 2015.

So you can tell everyone, that you heard me say it first; Lomachenko vs Walters will be fight of the year 2015 if it happens.

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