Is it to early to ask; What is next for Degale?

Is it to early to ask; What is next for Degale?

what is next for DeGale

What a night for British Boxing, another champion to add to the growing ranks. It almost makes the question I asked before ‘Is Britain the pound for pound country of the world?’ seem like a forgone conclusion!


For a fan and spectator (like me) it was a fantastic fight. Having a non-biased view (which at Boxing news and views we have) both fighters really made this fight. Degale stepped up to prove that he is in the mix of the best Super Middle weight fighters and Dirrell put to bed the questions relating to his heart and determination.

Seems like a question that’s a bit early to ask, but Eddie Hearn is already looking at getting Degale out in September, so who will he fight next? Degale has already been out slating Froch (‘He’s scared of me’), but I don’t think Degale needs to be thinking about Froch and I don’t believe Froch will be interested, not if the rumours about the Golvkin fight being close to being finalized are true!

For me, Degale has a chance to build on his American success. The Americans will be lapping up the fact that’s he’s a World and Olympic champion and I believe he has a chance to make a huge name for himself over there.

If I were Eddie Hearn, I’d be looking for a name in the states to build on the momentum. I’d be looking at the young Mexican Gilberto Ramirez, who is 31-0, part of Top Rank and a good enough name to make a defense against.

The fight most people are hoping for is Degale vs Groves II. This in the UK would be a sell out, but both fighters are getting noticed in the States and I believe by Degale fighting out there again and building his profile, then it’s a fight that could also be big out there.

What happens next only Eddie Hearn will know and all we can do is wait with bated breath. In the mean time, let us enjoy the fact that James Degale made history by becoming the first British Olympic Gold Medalist, whom became a World Champion. Hopefully George Groves can fulfill his dream and we can have a great end to 2015!

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