Slick Swagger of Lee Selby Can Lead Him To BIG Things

Slick Swagger of Lee Selby Can Lead Him To BIG Things

Slick Swagger of Lee Selby

Not many people could get away with nicknaming themselves after pound for pound all time great Floyd Mayweather, but there is something about the way Lee Selby goes about his business that suits the title ‘The Welsh Mayweather’.



Lee doesn’t have the brash pre-fight trash talking and flamboyant persona of Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather, instead he does all his talking inside the ring, with a style not too different to that of the pound for pound king.

Selby has continued to improve fight after fight ever since he burst on to the scene with that impressive knockout victory over Stephen Smith back in 2011, which brings him to this deserving world tomorrow night.

There is no doubt that in Evgeny Gradovich is Selby’s most difficult task to date, but given the way Selby has continued to go from strength to strength, there is definitely a feeling that this opportunity is coming at the perfect time for the Barry man.

Gradovich is famous for his come forward pressure style of boxing and the undefeated fighter is definitely not to be taken lightly. The old cliché is, styles make fights, and I’m convinced that the champion’s style is perfect to bring the very best out of Selby.


Back in October of last year the ‘Barry Assassin’ as he’s also known to some, faced his toughest challenge to date in an eliminator against Joel Brunker. The Australian was also undefeated and brought a similar style of fighting to that of Gradovich, but Selby rose to the occasion and completely out boxed his opponent before finishing him late in the ninth round. On that night the reasons for the nickname ‘The Welsh Mayweather’ were as apparent as ever.

I expect tomorrow’s world title fight to be not too different from the Brunker fight. Yes, Gradovich is a level above the Aussie, but I think we will see yet again another improved version of Lee Selby, in keeping with his fight to fight improvement trend.

There is no doubt that the Russian will come out all guns blazing, but I think it won’t be long until Selby is dictating the pace of the contest using his superior speed and footwork.

Once Lee finds that comfort zone, he has the skill set to surprise a lot of people and cruise to a comfortable unanimous point’s victory, if not a very late stoppage.

Standing Out From The Crowd

What then will that mean for ‘The Welsh Mayweather’? Where will he stand in the pecking ourder amongst Britain’s other world title holders?

You would imagine Kell Brook will retain his title and be looking ahead to a possible mega fight with Amir Khan.

Carl Frampton is a fine talent with some massive fights ahead of him. James DeGale looked devastating at least for half his fight against Andre Dirrell and is definitely a fighter on the rise. And of course you have the old warrior Carl Froch.

These are all top level boxers, no doubt about that, but what I see in Selby is something that sets him apart from all the other current British stars. It’s a natural swagger that no amount of time in the gym can achieve.

There is a slickness and confidence about Lee that can’t be taught, you’re born with it.

Floyd Mayweather has it, Guillermo Rigondeaux has it, legends like Parnell Whitaker and Ray Robinson had it, and I believe Lee Selby has it.

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