Lee Selby Emerges As New Welsh Boxing Superstar

Lee Selby Emerges As New Welsh Boxing Superstar

Lee Selby Emerges As New Welsh Boxing Superstar

In a boxing masterclass, Lee ‘The Welsh Mayweather’ Selby, showed elite level boxing skills that justified his nickname and then some, on route to becoming the IBF featherweight champion of the world.


Lee Selby put on an absolute boxing CLINIC tonight against previously unbeaten world champion Evgeny Gradovich from Russia. The ‘Welsh Mayweather’ graduated from British, Commonwealth and European level, to World Champion tonight in London by defeating ‘El Ruso Mexicano’.

Stylistically the American based Russian (trained by the respected Robert Garcia) turned out to be tailor made for the Bury technician. It was almost too easy for Selby at times, it looked more like a glorified sparring match rather than a world title fight

The man from Bury, Wales, got off to a fantastic start and never looked in trouble at any point, in truth. It was as good a performance to win a world title that I’ve seen in recent years. Here’s how I scored and saw the fight, up until the fight was stopped in round 8 and it went to the cards on a technical knockout victory for Selby.

Round 1: Nice jab early on from Selby and right hands. Gradovich very determined, big pressure fighter. Good movement from Selby. Mixed shots well, nice left uppercut. Very assured start from Welshman. Great left hook near end of round.  Selby oozed confidence (10-9 Selby).

Round 2: Same again from Selby, classy boxing. Sticking and moving. Selby seemed like he couldn’t miss at times (10-9 Selby).

Round 3: Sharp shooting from Selby, getting shots off early. Selby peppered the Russian with silky shot variation. Gradovich was relentless nonetheless and continued to come forward. Gradovich landed his first meaningful shot of the fight with a left hook, but Selby rode the shot well and comfortably won the third (10-9 Selby).

Round 4: More of the same from Selby. Gradovich clearly a super tough fighter, but he kept walking onto Selby straight punches. Gradovich showed a bit more and had his moments. A much closer round, but the cleaner work coming from Selby, countered well on the back foot. (10-9 Selby).

Round 5: Gradovich threw lot of shots but not much landed, constant motion from the Russian, showing a fantastic chin. The Russian champion looked like he was getting a bit frustrated from not been able to catch Selby. Another round for the Welshman (10-9 Selby).

Round 6: Selby looked like he started putting a bit more ‘mustard’ on his shots, complimenting his untouchable footwork.  He hurt Gradovich would a great right hand in the middle of the round, stopping Gradovich dead in his tracks. Selby started to stand his ground and plant his feet at times. (10-9 Selby).

Round 7: Selby caught Gradovich again with some hurtful combinations and eye catching uppercuts. The Russian’s energy appeared to be knocked out of him.

A cut Gravodich was now been put onto the back foot at times and been given a boxing lesson by his Welsh counterpart. Selby’s accuracy was a sight to be hold and he also dug in some hurtful body shots on the teak tough Russian (10-9 Selby).

Round 8: The regularity and cleanness of Selby’s work damaged the cut above Gradovich’s even further, which prompted the fight doctor to be called into the ring – who rightfully called off the action.

A new Welsh boxing superstar was born tonight in Lee Selby. Many had known the Welsh boxing magician to be ultra talented throughout the years, but the performance he put on tonight was his very, very best to date.

What a time to have a career best performance eh? Lee Selby, the new IBF featherweight champion of the world and without a doubt in my mind, a potential pound for pound top ten contender (and possibly more) down the road if he keeps improving.

A very special boxing talent and excellent world champion. Exciting times ahead for Lee Selby.

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