Prospect Interview: Liam Desmond West Ham Boxer

Prospect Interview: Liam Desmond West Ham Boxer

Liam Desmond West Ham Boxer
Image courtesy of Tim Rickson

We caught up recently with unbeaten middleweight prospect Liam Desmond (4-0), who is starting to make some serious waves on the 160 lbs UK boxing scene.


Thanks for the time today Liam. Since you turned pro last year back in March 2014, how have you find turning over and the pro game as a whole?

“For me, I think it’s a lot better. It’s more settled, more relaxed and suits my style a lot better.”

So far you have looked very assured in your career with a record of 4-0. Your next fight will be your first 6 rounder, have you had to do extra training in the gym for the added rounds?

“I’ve been doing that anyway, to be fair, the training don’t really change as I’ve always worked hard and kept myself fit. In between fights, I still keep fit and do my roadwork. My coach, Kevin Lilley is very keen on that and tells us to do our runs.”

With 28 pro contests to his name, your next opponent Chris Jenkinson has plenty of experience. What problems do you think he could bring to the table?

“He’s knocked out unbeaten fighters before who have had more fights than me, some people class me as the underdog in this fight but I’m not gonna lose.”

At 6″2, you are a fairly big 160 lbs prize fighter. Do you think it gives you an advantage and how do you find making the weight?

“Being on the tall side, you’ve got to use the advantages to your best so I like to try and keep them out of my way at range. Making weight is obviously hard and I don’t proper struggle with it but I do have to watch what I eat. Where I’m still only 21 I’ve got a more maturing to do and I could always fill out a little but for the next couple of fights I’m happy where I am.”

As a young fighter coming through the ranks at the moment, was there any boxing hero or inspiration you had growing up when you started out as a boxer?

“I liked Marco Antonio Barrera, my dad showed me him when I was younger and then I watched him beat Naz, he’s got a great style, it’s not the style that I box with but he was just great.”

What’s your prediction for your next fight on June 20th at the Civic Hall in Essex?

“I’m not going to look for a KO, if it comes then it comes. I want to put in a good performance and win every round, I’m ready for him and once I do the job on the night then I want to step it up even more in the next fight. Looking at the next fight to be in September so I’ll have a couple of weeks out and then back training again.”

Finally, you are in an electric division in pro boxing at the moment with many believing Gennady Golovkin to be at the top of the weight class. What do you think of him? Do you think any middleweight in the world can beat him?

“I think Golovkin is just a pure power machine and I honestly don’t think there’s anyone that can beat him right now. They’re on about Carl Froch fighting him but I honestly can’t see him making the distance.”

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