Miguel Cotto TKO’s Daniel Geale In 4

Miguel Cotto TKO’s Daniel Geale In 4

Miguel Cotto TKO's Daniel Geale

Miguel Cotto vs Canelo Alvarez next? You better believe it’s happening after last night’s emphatic beat down victory for the Puerto Rican boxing great.


Boxing in New York seems to bring out the very best in Miguel Cotto. Last night’s four round demolition job over Daniel Geale was as one sided a world title defense that I’ve seen in recent times.

The WBC middleweight champion looked in control from start to finish and his repertoire of left hooks and body assaults were almost reminiscent of a younger version of himself, only to be complimented now by a an even more diverse arsenal of boxing artillery, and buckets more experience.

Punch Stats

According to the folks at CompuBox, Miguel Cotto landed a thudding 68 punches of his 183 thrown in the short fight, giving him a 37% accuracy rating.

Daniel Geale on the other hand, only landed 33 punches in the bout and threw far less than the champion (127 blows thrown) giving him a 26% accuracy score.

These figures told a lot of just how accurate and calculating Cotto was in his attacks, which were as ferocious as ever to boot.

The Fight

Cotto started off like a train and essentially ran right through a weight drained Daniel Geale. The Australian did mention the weight after the fight but was magnanimous in defeat, to be fair to him.

Miguel went to work right away in the very first round and set a powerful, relentless pace that was never going to be matched by Daniel Geale.

The pace of the fight from Cotto seemed to surprise Geale and after notching up three dominant rounds in the bank, the fourth brought about the beginning of the end for the Australian challenger.

After Geale momentarily dropped his right glove, Cotto landed one of his trademark left hooks square on his chin, as powerful a shot he’s ever thrown perhaps, sending Geale flying across the ring – crashing backwards onto the canvas.

Geale as tough as they come however, beat the count to rise to his feet, only to receive a torrent of battering that included a ruthless variation of punches to the body and the head.

After a short right hand sent Geale down again, although he beat the count on this occasion, he signaled to the referee that he had enough when asked if he wished to continue.

What next for Cotto?

The WBC middleweight champion improved his record to 40-4 (KO 33) and according to reports, it is now looking like he’ll take on Mexican star Canelo Alvarez later this year in a huge Puerto Rico vs Mexico boxing battle.

The prospect of such a fight is almost mouth watering for fight fans, with the exciting all action styles that both men possess surely guaranteeing a likely fight of the year candidate, between two of the sport’s current apex warrior names.

At this higher weight, Cotto seems like a man who is really enjoying his boxing at the moment and at the age of 34, amazingly looks like he is improving with every fight he has under the tutelage of world renowned trainer Freddie Roach.

At this stage I’m going to sit on the fence as regards who I think might win between Canelo and Cotto, but I do know this much, it will be as compelling a boxing war that you are likely to see in 2015 – anywhere in the world.

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