Bradley Saunders injury in the past, eyes big return

Bradley Saunders injury in the past, eyes big return

Bradley Saunders injury

Newcastle’s explosive light-welterweight Bradley Saunders (12-0, 9KO) has had a frustrating time with injuries as of late, but as we found out when we caught up with him recently, he is now well and truly on the mend and eyeing a big finish to 2015 to make up for lost time.


Thanks for the time Bradley. It’s been a while since we last spoke to you, how have the last few months been with the injury?

“It’s been frustrating but I’m back punching so I’m happy now and everything’s good – touch wood.”

Obviously the hands are the tools of a boxer’s trade and are very important. With the hand injury you had, are hand injuries a problem you’ve experienced in the past in your career and is there specific precautions you can take to protect them?

“Nothing special as a precaution really other than bandaging well, I use the same gloves as anyone else. I did my left hand in December 2012 on Peter McDonagh’s head and now the right one has been done, as well. Both been operated on and fixed so my hands are as good as they’ve ever been now so should be able to push on.”

Floyd Mayweather is known for taking elaborate sports science focused measures to rehabilitate his hands in between fights to help him recover. Is there any special methods of physiotherapy you’ve used in the healing process of your hand injury?

“Yes I do and that goes without saying, every boxer has to do rehab to get through. I don’t do nothing special, just loads of ice!”

Good to hear you are back punching again. With a fight in September possibly on the horizon, are there any names in particular you are looking to fight?

“I’ll have one in Newcastle in October and I’ll have one before that but no, there’s no names at the moment.”

British boxing really seems to be flying at the moment with new world champions popping up left right and centre, does that spur you on in your own quest for a world title?

“Yeah definitely, there’s a lot of vacancies right now at light-welter. I’d like to be a world champion in the next 18 months so I’m gonna get my head down and crack on until then.”

Something I’ve been meaning to ask you for a while about a fighter in your division, Terence Crawford. Did you have a chance to see his 6th round TKO win back in April over Thomas Dulorme? I thought it was genuinely one of the best boxing displays I’ve seen in a long time. How do you rate Crawford?

“I think he’s one of the best around, everyone’s saying that he’ll be the next pound-for-pound king and it wouldn’t surprise me at all. They’re the fights that I want to be involved in, I’m not a boxer just to be called a boxer. I’m in it for the big fights.

Just before you go, do you have any message to your fans?

“I cant thank them enough for supporting me and I hope to give you some good fights in the future.”

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