Exclusive: 10 Boxing Figures Weigh-In On A Potential Froch vs Golovkin Fight

A Froch vs Golovkin fight down the road has been mooted, and it’s stirred up a bit of talk in the boxing world. It perhaps could be the only fight out there that could tempt ‘The Cobra’ out of retirement and back into the ring for one final battle.


Froch vs Golovkin

I thought it would be best to get the opinions of those on the inside of boxing on a possible dream fight between the two in the future. Here’s what they had to say on a potential Froch vs Golovkin fight, down the road:

Glenn McCrory (Sky Sports boxing commentator and pundit)

Froch vs Golovkin

I think a match with Carl Froch & GGG would be of great matchup! A rejuvenated Froch could provide a real test to the middleweight king!

Froch’s size, strength, durability and natural punch power would be a big step up from anything GGG has faced. That, with his massive experience at top level – might even be the deciding factor in this dream matchup.

Tom Loeffler (Promoter of Gennady Golovkin)

Froch vs Golovkin

GGG’s primary focus is on unifying all the titles in the middleweight division.  We have to see what happens with Cotto/Canelo.

If a fight with Froch comes up, as long as it doesn’t conflict with a middleweight title fight, GGG would definitely still be interested.

Spencer Fearon (Award winning Founder of Hard Knocks Boxing Promotion and Sky Sports boxing pundit)

Froch vs Golovkin

It all depends on what’s left in him (Froch) as when I spoke to Carl about this fight recently, he was saying if he would get up for the fight like the Bute fight he would fight him.

I thank Carl could beat GGG if fully fit.

Eddie Hearn via The Daily Mail (Managing Director of Matchroom Sport) 

Froch vs Golovkin

Speaking of Golovkin, I had a call recently from a man who watches him closer than most – Britain’s own warrior, Carl Froch.

He had me on the phone and was asking what I thought of Golovkin in his recent fight against David Lemieux. I thought he was excellent, but there is a difference in fighting a very good opponent like Lemieux and an excellent champion like Froch. People ask me if we will ever see it happen.

Froch is retired and that’s all there is to it. But I know that there is a burning curiosity in him about how hard Golovkin punches. He’s wondering if the power is what people say it is. The fact that he is always in such good shape, and that a comeback camp would not be the hell it is for some, means people will wonder.

But the truth is the timing is just wrong. It would have been an incredible fight and one I would love to see but Carl is retired.

Gary Hyde (International professional boxing manager)

Froch vs Golovkin

GGG is obviously a force to be reckoned with at 160. A fight between GGG and Froch would be an amazing spectacle.

Both fighters have action packed styles. Froch would have several advantages going into this fight. He is a genuine 168lb fighter who has without doubt faced stiffer opposition than GGG thus far. He also has the best chin in boxing.

GGG also has a great chin but he hasn’t fought a fighter as rounded as Froch yet. GGG would really cement his legacy if he were to beat Froch.

Paddy Fitzpatrick (Renowned international boxing coach) 

Froch vs Golovkin

I think that’s a fan friendly fight, for sure. Carl has proven all but twice (and avenged one of them) that he always finds a way to win, and that’s against the best the division had to offer at the time.

He’s excellent at imposing himself on his opponents and making the best of his attributes which is what good champions do. GGG has an excellent, strong jab to go with his proven power.

He also has a high boxing IQ and positions himself very well to set his shots up. I would tip towards GGG even at super-middleweight. But it’s by no means a gimme. They are two excellent champions and it would be one excellent fight.

Paul Gibson (Boxing writer for the Guardian, BBC Sport and Boxing Monthly)

Froch vs Golovkin

I don’t think even a prime Carl Froch could have lived with Gennady Golovkin. Froch is naturally the bigger man, but that’s where his advantages end. And with GGG entering the ring at 168lbs for middleweight fights, even size wouldn’t help Froch too much.

Carl was undoubtedly a warrior but not even his chin would have lasted 12 rounds with Golovkin. If GG was able to knock down Froch, imagine the effect of GGG landing a big one on him.

On top of that, Golovkin could always call upon his amateur pedigree and immense technical ability to fight smart, as he did against Lemieux, and not give Froch a look in. I was a big Carl Froch fan but I’m afraid the very special GGG wins this whatever way he wants.

Paul Zanon (Boxing autobiography author and writer for Boxing Monthly and Daily Sport) 

Froch vs Golovkin

GGG versus Froch would be like placing two loaded tanks in front of each other.

If the fight takes place at 168lbs Froch may have a slight advantage, but my gut feeling says that GGG would cut Froch’s ringspace down and probably stop him late rounds.

Tim Rickson (PR Manager to over 20 professional boxers in the UK)

Froch vs Golovkin

The pair are both warriors with hands of stone and chins forged from granite, equally matched in so many departments – power, chin, stamina, heart, ferociousness  – it’s almost impossible to call!

However, I would have to go with the man who is unstoppable right now – Triple G. I’m sure in a few years time that someone will manage to tame this beast but, for now, he is on-form, on-fire, and not slowing down for anyone – points win for Golovkin.

Steve Wellings (Author of the annual Irish Boxing Review book) 

Froch vs Golovkin

I have no doubt that Froch would take the fight. I know he has his detractors, due mostly to his aloof personality but inside the ring he has ducked nobody and has a hugely impressive resume. Froch is also big guy and would be massive compared to GGG if they fought at super-middleweight which is where I imagine the fight would take place. How big is GGG? I’ve heard him talk about moving down to light-middleweight, so I would expect him to concede considerable size to Froch.

The money would have to be right for Froch as well of course. If he’s not getting well paid then it would make no sense to take on such a dangerous fight. Personally, I would like to see Golovkin fight the winner of Cotto-Canelo in the near future if an agreement can be made at middleweight (which is a whole other story) or move up to tackle Andre Ward if Ward is still hanging around at 168, which looks unlikely as well. I’d also like to see Froch stay retired if that’s what he wants. The mindset of a fighter coming out of retirement is always questionable and he has nothing left to prove.

Either way I’m a massive GGG fan. I love his skills, his jab and his killer instinct. The guy ticks all of the boxes for me and long may his reign continue.

(Images credit: Boxingtonight.co.uk and Twitter)

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