Anthony Joshua Lays Down The Gauntlet To Wilder and Fury Ahead Of Povetkin Fight

Heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua had a bullish message for his two closest rivals Deontay Widler and Tyson Fury ahead of his own fight with Alexander Povetkin this weekend.

Wilder and Fury are expected to fight this coming December in a super fight in the US.

In theory, Joshua could fight the winner at some point in 2019.

Speaking to Fight Hype today at Wembley Stadium at one point Joshua was asked how does he feel about his enemies watching his interviews, referring to Fury and Wilder, and if he felt he needed to make a statement to them on Saturday.

He replied:

“Not necessarily because there not fighting the YouTube man that they are watching. Come in the ring and come see what I’m about when they’re ready. April 13th is booked now and whoever wants it can come and get it.”

Indeed, fans will be hoping they do want to come and get it in the new year.

However a school of thought does exist that if Fury were to beat Wilder he’d have to face him in an immediate rematch.

Fury could have a similar request for a rematch with Wilder but it’s doubtful.

It all depends on what sort of offer Joshua and his team make to Wilder for April 13th in reality.

One gets the picture that they’ll have to seriously up their offer from the initial $15 million.