Frank Warren and Barry Hearn Go At It On Radio Show Over Anthony Joshua vs Tyson Fury

A blast from the past took place this week as Hall of Fame boxing promoters Frank Warren and Barry Hearn went toe to toe on a radio show.

The argument over whether a possible Anthony Joshua vs Tyson Fury fight could happen took place on BBC Radio Live.

Hearn suggested that if Deontay Wilder were to lose to Fury on December 1st there would be no possible way for the fighter his company promotes (Joshua) to take on Fury on their booked April date in Wembley, as Wilder would have a rematch clause in his contract that he would wish to activate immediately against Fury.

Warren then contended that it would be up to him to sort out that problem and pressed Hearn to confirm on the program that they would in fact take the Fury fight if it were available.

Hearn obliged but was not happy that the program allowed negotiations to take place live for listeners to hear.

He then proceeded to say that he would not be returning to the program should they ask him on again.

Barry Hearn, founder and chairman of Matchroom Sport, has largely stayed out of the boxing spotlight in recent years with his son Eddie Hearn now running the boxing wing of their sports promotional company.

Here’s the full segment of what exactly happened: