Mayweather Senior Gives His Take On Pacquiao vs Broner

Floyd Mayweather senior knows all abut both Manny Paacquiao and Adrien Broner so is in a position as good as anyone in the world of boxing trainers to call the upcoming fight between the two in Las Vegas.

Senior trained his son to successfully win a unanimous points decision over Pacquiao back in 2015 and knows Broner well from his time at his son’s gym training every now and then over the past number of years in Las Vegas.

Speaking in a media scrum, Mayweather senior is backing Pacquiao to win the fight:

“Probably Pacquiao (will beat him) because Broner doesn’t really throw enough punches and he’s mad at Floyd because he can’t do the shoulder roll and never will be able to do it — so forget it.”

The fight is scheduled for January 19th at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas and will be shown live on Showtime pay per view.

Pacquiao starts out as the early favorite but Broner appears to finally have his love for the sport back and is taking his training very seriously once again.