Mayweather’s Response When Asked If He Trained For Tenshin Fight Is Priceless

Floyd Mayweather went through the motions today in Tokyo, Japan as part of a three round boxing exhibition match that proved to be a bit more than a light spar in the end.

It was thought that he was just going to move around the ring but in the end he dropped a clearly outclassed opponent three times on route to the towel getting thrown in and the fight getting called off in the very first round in brutal fashion.

Mayweather turned up out of shape, late by over two hours and in general looked like he was having a heck of a time as he pocketed a cool nine million dollars for a little over two minutes of work.

When asked by the media in the post-fight press conference if he had even trained for the bout the American replied:

“Did I have a training camp for this fight? No. I went to the gym a few times. I moved around with Daquan — a young champion on the rise.”

Mayweather went on to cut the press conference short after the fight as he said he was keen to party tonight in Tokyo.

He also paid tribute to the country of Japan as ‘beautiful’ and the people as ‘humble’.