What Mayweather Earned Per Second For Tenshin Massacre Is Mind Blowing

New Year’s Eve won’t be the most pleasant of memories when kick boxer / MMA fighter looks back on it in years to come.

It was supposed to be an exhibition bout for the 20 year old 5’4 Japanese native but the bigger (5’8) man, twice his age (41) in Floyd Mayweather exacted a cold beating on him that literally left him in tears afterwards:

In truth, it was nothing more than a simple exercise in money making and brand building for Floyd Mayweather.

After being over two hours late for the fight at the last minute he posted on Instagram for New Year’s Eve revellers in his hometown of Las Vegas to go along to his strip club to catch the fight.

Amid fears it wasn’t even going ahead.

He also had his ‘TMT’ (The Money Team) brand plastered everywhere on Japanese television when he did appear at the venue to ensure some added international exposure for his brand.

But when the till register is counted up and the cash is counted in the cold light of day Mayweather made $9 million on the night for minimal effort.

Per second we’ve worked it out that he made:

$64,748.20 per second — for this crafty bit of business today in Japan.

Not bad if you can get it.