Josh Warrington vs Kid Galahad World Title Fight Receives Huge News

In recent weeks it was claimed in various quarters that the upcoming Josh Warrington vs Kid Galahad world title fight would be billed as a pay per view event in the UK.

This notion was purported in various quarters following promoter Eddie Hearn losing a purse bid to his rival promoter Frank Warren to stage the fight.

Today, it was confirmed that the fight will not be on pay per view and rather, will be shown on regular BT for boxing fans in the UK:

The dust is really starting to settle on various things that have been said in the sport of boxing in recent times it would appear.

Facts are now starting to come to the surface as the bull and fake perception battle in the media from various quarters in the boxing world look like they are starting to get exposed, gradually and bit by bit.

As regarding the above, great news for boxing fans really.

The more fights that are top quality not shown on pay per view the better.

Pay per view should be used sparingly for only the mega fights a few times a year.