Anthony Joshua Reacts To Personal Insults About His Mother

Heavyweight champion of the world Anthony Joshua dropped the corporate and nice guy act this week with a man he clearly can’t wait to lay his fists upon — Jarrell Miller.

Going back to last year when the two first met on stage before Joshua vs Povetkin, Miller took the extreme and tasteless approach of making jokes and comments about Joshua’s own mother.

Boxing trash talk can get bad at the best of times and really, there is no limit to how far it goes.

But that said, mothers are usually off limits unless someone has some sort of death wish from another man.

This writer for one can’t recall a fighter ever bringing up another’s man’s mother in trash talk in boxing.

Now, Jarrell Miller has though. He’s crossed that line.

You can tell his plan is clearly to get underneath Joshua’s skin to take him out of his game plan come fight night.

Joshua let loose on Miller at one point yesterday and fought dirty comments with dirty comments of his own about Miller’s own mother at one point:

Boxing trash talk has now reached an all together new, personal level.

The fight will take place on June 1st at MSG and you can bet your bottom dollar that both men won’t be trying to win a points decision in this one.

Not a hope in hell.