Watch: Chavez Jr Battered With Beer Cups By Boxing Fans After Jacobs Fight

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr on Friday night started his fight against former world champion Danny Jacobs in Phoenix in reasonably exciting fashion.

But it didn’t last long.

Before even the midway point of the bout was reached Chavez Jr called off the fight himself citing an injury.

Even his trainer Freddie Roach looked perplexed however.

While the event itself was highly questionable in terms of it going ahead in the first place, for different reasons, those that did buy tickets to attend — spoke loud and clear afterwards with what they saw:

(Hat tip Give Me Sport)

Here’s another angle of the carnage afterwards:

(Hat tip Charlie Moynihan)

Boxing fans really letting him have it there.

Afterwards Chavez Jr cited Jacobs fighting ‘dirty’ in his post-fight interview.

That has largely gone down terribly as well.

All in all, the main event has really left a lot to be desired and certainly not a good event for Phoenix.

Or for boxing overall.

A really p*** poor way to end the year too.

You get these kind of amateur, low level-C-level, s*** shows that come along every once in a while with some people.

Best to just laugh them off and move on from them quickly.

That said, Charlo vs Harrison tonight might rescue things a tad in terms of ending the year on a positive note for big fight credibility in America.