Footage Shows Canelo Teaching Ryan Garcia How To Throw Left Hook

While the current world Coronavirus crisis continues to spread uncertainty around the world many fighters are keeping busy as best they can.

Even behind closed doors working out, staying positive and eating healthy to the best of their abilities.

The life of a fighter involves always being having to be ready for a phone call for their next date anyway.

In many ways professional fighters are perhaps the best prepared from a mental standpoint than any for this whole unpredictable situation.

They’ll be hoping this thing blows over as soon as possible in the coming months so they can get back in the ring and paid again.

Boxing is perhaps the most unpredictable business ever known in the history of man kind in some ways.

At least, those within it would tell you.

A crazy business caught up in a far crazier time at the moment.

What is going on now is much bigger than boxing and indeed sport.

A usual welcome getaway from the rigor of everyday life for many.

Now health is at the forefront of everyone’s minds.

Two fighters who are well known to the boxing world have been keeping in the gym as of late.

Boxing’s biggest star Canelo Alvarez has been giving advice and guidance to one of the sport’s rising stars in recent days Ryan Garcia.

The folks at EsNews YouTube (hat tip) caught a golden moment here where Canelo teaches Garcia how he throws the left hook: