George Foreman Reveals What He Earned For His Very First Pro Fight

In a time in modern boxing where fight purses have come way down due to the economic effects of the world situation it is easy forget that fighters back in the day had it much harder.

In many ways fight purses have been inflated in recent times.

That said, I’m always of the belief that professional boxers deserve every dollar they get.

It’s one of the only jobs in the world that you can get legally killed at during work after all.

Sadly, deaths do still happen, although rare, they highlight the risk reward factor that these brave combatants put their lives on the line for time and time again.

For the entertainment of the public.

Boxing legend and oldest heavyweight champion in history George Foreman revealed for his first fight he made just:

For the fight in question, Foreman took on Don Waldhelm in 1969 at Madison Square Garden, New York for his very first professional bout.

Here’s how it went down:

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