Larry Holmes Reveals Cash Sum Don King Gave Him To Fight Mike Tyson

Money talks in boxing as in any business at the end of the day.

From a bigger picture perspective, one may have heard the term that money is the route of all evil.

While perhaps some truth exists in this it can only be applied if money causes one to be lazy with it, as the devil makes time for idol hands.

Many philanthropists keep busy around the world with making money a force for positive reasons in humanity.

In this next story however, with respect, boxing promoter Don King was never a philanthropist.

Two of his most famed clients, former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson and another, Larry Holmes, knew all too well about his business practices.

Cash is king another expression one may have heard.

Ironically, Don King believed in this philosophy as his name would suggest.

Speaking in an intriguing new interview about their famed fight both Tyson and Holmes had some great stories about the lead up to the bout.

Talking on DJ Vlad — Larry Holmes conceded it was King that twisted his arm:

“My first impression (when King offered me the fight) was you’ve got to be crazy. Me fight Mike Tyson?”

To which King replied:

“Yeah you can fight Mike Tyson. You can beat Mike Tyson. You can beat him Larry! I know you can beat him. I’m going to give you nine weeks to get ready.”

To which Holmes retorted:

“Damn Don, I don’t know about that.”

King then extended his hand with Holmes noting:

“He said — here you go. He slapped $500,000 on my hand. Right in my living room. $500,000 dollars. What was I supposed to do?”

He makes a good point in fairness.

There’s not many that would turn down that type of pay day advance.


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In the end it was Tyson to be the victor in the contest however.

Tyson sang the praises of Holmes’ fighting ability:

“Imagine if he never stopped fighting. Probably would have won the title back. Underestimated (Holmes was as a fighter).”

Holmes remembered Tyson’s punching power vividly:

“Man he knocked the hell out of me. What are you talking about tough shots? Man, those shots were hard.”

Without doubt two legends of heavyweight boxing.

If you didn’t see their fight, well worth a look.

Here is the full fight video between Mike Tyson and Larry Holmes.



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