On This Day In 1942 Joe Louis Did Something Selfless

One of the more overlooked aspects of boxing history when it comes to its great champions is oftentimes what they did outside of the ring for causes they contributed to or cared about.

Indeed, many go under the radar in this way and never look for thanks which is correct and on point it should also be pointed out.

But when used for others to take inspiration from perhaps it should be highlighted occasionally.

Particularly from years gone past so long ago.

Many will remember ‘The Brown Bomber’ Joe Louis as one of the sport’s greatest ever heavyweight champions.

Sublime boxing technique and one of the biggest right hands of all time.

Perhaps one could suggest one of the most perfectly correct punching technique practitioners in sweet science history.

Outside the ring not many know he was also a sergeant in the US Military.

Like some other fighters of his time he joined the armed forces for his country.

Despite being in the army he was an active fighter and world champion.

On this day on March 4th 1942 in New Jersey Louis drew huge flocks of military personnel from the entire American armed forces across the country to come and watch the champ in person train for an exhibition.

Three weeks later he would successfully defend the title at Madison Square Garden.

Not many also know that Louis, who was born in Alabama originally, was a big fan of New Jersey, and was quite fond of the people of New Jersey in particular, often training in the State alongside them there.

Here are scenes that have gone under the radar over the years for the types of crowds Sergeant Louis would draw for large numbers of the armed forces of America:


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